CC 128: The Collector who likes exactly how fashion Makes Them feel

In today’s installment of wardrobe Confessionals, we satisfy a collector whose enthusiasm for purses stems from exactly how bags make them feel. A wise buyer who hasn’t done anything as well crazy to purchase a bag, this collector began loving bags in their early twenties with the purchase of an charming Miu Miu clutch.

These days though, this purse enthusiast has been bitten by the Chanel bug as well as really hopes to add one more Chanel piece to their collection soon. Nonetheless, one of the most crucial pieces in this high-end lover’s wardrobe stays to be a Chloé Paraty bag, which was bought early on in this confessor’s journey. checked out the full CC now, as well as be sure to submit your own!

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The Basics

Age: 36
Location: SF Bay Area
Occupation: service Systems analyst High Tech
Industry: High Tech
Salary: $126,000
Household Income: $300,000

The Bags

Are you a PurseForum member? No

How lots of bags do you own? 9

What bags are in your collection?

Chanel Reissue 225

Chanel Boy

Goyard St. Louis PM

Longchamp big Le Pliage Tote

Longchamp medium Le Pliage Tote

Chloé Paraty

Chloé Drew Crossbody

Celine Nano Luggage

Celine Trapeze

Celine Trio

Miu Miu Matelassé Clutch

Stella McCartney Falabella Clutch

How much is your collection worth? $22,000

What is your a lot of costly bag? Chanel Reissue 225.

What are the most crucial brands or pieces in your collection? At the moment it’s Chanel. It’s traditional as well as I understand it’ll still be in style for lots of years to come.

What age did you get your very first designer bag, as well as what was it? I believe I was around 24-25 as well as got the Miu Miu hold from I was as well intimidated to shop in person for high-end products at that time, so I often bought them online, as well as thankfully, Net-a-porter existed then. now that I’m older, I appreciate buying in person for the experience. It feels different clicking behind the screen vs. touching the bag in person. I’m still thankful on the internet high-end buying is still right here for those that can’t make it to the store.

Is there a certain bag you are seeking to purchase next? After getting two Chanel bags, I believe I’m officially into Chanel. I’m looking ahead to get a traditional or chevron pattern WOC. I’ve always liked Chanel’s chevron pattern.

Any specific bag that holds a special emotional value? Chloé Paraty. I kept in mind wanting this bag so terribly when I very first saw it, as well as took a long time to save up for this purchase. The leather is so soft as well as it was simple to carry. I utilized it everyday in my very first task as well as it still looks brand new. I truly like Chloé as well as always appreciate their craftsmanship in leather shoes or bags.

Do you feel like your bags modification people’s perceptions of you or exactly how you’re treated? I didn’t notice much right here in the US, I believe a lot of locations I shopped at treated me relatively regardless which bag I carried. In Asia, I observed there were some differences particularly at high-end stores, however then I likewise observed a lot of people in Asia likewise dressed up when they shopped at high-end stores.

Have your bag-carrying routines altered considering that Covid? I utilized to bring little bags before Covid as well as travel to a lot more places. now that I stay house a lot more often, I normally bring my Goyard PM tote, which likewise brings my daughter’s toys!


How commonly do you get new bags? when a year when I get my bonus.

Has the Coronavirus pandemic altered your buying routines or general mindset towards luxury?I don’t shop in person as much as I utilized to, I shop on the internet as well as just recently started utilizing a personal shopper.

Which stores do you regular the most? I went to Neiman Marcus the most, normally to inspect out the current offerings from Chanel considering that there weren’t any type of Chanel stores near me.

Do you ever get second-hand bags? Where do you get used? Yes! I bought from Rebag, Fashionphile, as well as when directly from a fashion blogger.

Do you offer old bags to pay for new purchases? I haven’t offered any type of bags yet.

Do you ever feel societal pressure to purchase a lot more bags? No. I normally believe about exactly how a bag will in shape into my way of life before getting one.

Do you think about your bag purchases investments? I believe the Chanel bags feel like an investment however not the others.

Who influences your getting decisions? I’m guilty of enjoying great deals of Youtube videos as well as checking out photos from Pinterest! often lovely IG photos make me believe about specific bags, however ultimately, I believe with truly difficult before getting a bag.

Are sales partner connections instrumental to your shopping? No

Why do you take pleasure in shopping, beyond justकेहि नयाँ प्राप्त गर्दै? म साँच्चिकै ठूलो पोशाक जस्तै छु किनकि म सहयोगीको कारण धेरै बाहिर जान सक्दिन। म महान कपडा / झोला / जुत्ता प्रयोग गरेर उत्साहित महसुस गर्छु ताकि त्यसको कारण हो?

के तपाईंले कहिल्यै महसुस गर्नुभएको छ कि तपाईंले स्टोर वा पसलमा नि: शुल्क सेवा, जातीयता वा लि gender ्गको कारण? अब जब म ती अनुभवहरूमा [माथि उपस्थित भएकाहरूलाई देखाउँछु], मँ विश्वास गर्दछु कि मैले जवान देखिने कारण अवर सेवाहरू पाएको छु। मेरो 20 दशमा, म उहाँ जस्तो उपस्थित भएकोमा देखा पर्यो कि SAS ले मलाई गम्भीर रूपमा लिएको छैन। मैले केही समयको लागि यो विधि महसुस गरेको छैन, सायद व्यक्तिगत रूपमा व्यक्तिमा खरीद नगरेकोले जब म आफैंमा प्रयोग गरिरहेछु, वा म साँच्चै नै चिन्ता गर्दिनँ यदि सोसाले मलाई एक्लै छोड्दछ भने।


तपाईंको झोला को लागी तिर्ने? म

के तपाइँ तपाइँको झोला खरीदको लागि बजेट योजना छोड्नुहुन्छ? कडा बजेट होइन, मुख्य रूपमा जब म मेरो बोनस पाउँछु म त्यो को एक हिस्सा को उपयोग गर्दछु नयाँ झोलामा।

ट्याबियो शीर्षकहरू

के तपाईंले कहिल्यै नक्कली किन्नुहोस् जबदेखि तपाईंले डिजाइनर आईटमको लागि भुक्तान गर्न सक्नुहुन्न? हो, साथै मैले यस निर्णयमा दु: खी छु। यद्यपि तिनीहरू मूल वस्तुको तुलनामा करीव समान देखिन्छन्, हार्डवेयर दैनिक पोशाकको केही महिनाको पछि हुँदैन। म यी उत्पादनहरू मिसाएँ जब म जवान भएँ साथै पहिले भिन्नता बताउँदिन, तथापि, साँचो पर्सले उच्च गुणस्तर पाए पछि नक्कल गर्न सकिने कुरा होइन।

के तपाईं कहिल्यै आफ्नो खासबाट खरीदहरू लुकाउनुहुन्छ? होइन। म आदर्श खाली भएन सक्दिन तर म निश्चित रूपमा मेरो विधिबाट बाहिर जान्छु यसलाई लुकाउनको लागि!

तपाईंले एक झोलाको लागि भुक्तानी गर्न गरेको क्र्याजिस्ट चीज के हो? केहि छैन। मैले सँधै झोलाको लागि बचत गरेको छु।

के तपाई विश्वास गर्नुहुन्छ कि तपाईंको खरीद कहिल्यै समस्या छ? के तपाईंले कहिल्यै यस्तो महसुस गर्नुभएको छ कि तपाईंले खरीद गर्ने व्यसनको साथ कठिन समय भएको थियो? होइन!

यसको बाँकी बाँकी

कुनै पनि अन्य महँगो शौकहरू वा आशानहरू? खाना पकाउने वा जुत्ता lol

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