CC 138: The holy Trinity Collector

In today’s installment of wardrobe Confessionals, we satisfy CC 138, a purse enthusiast hailing from Australia who has been collecting bags for two decades. This collector has amassed a massive, as well as extremely outstanding collection of bags, spanning bags from the holy trinity (Hermès, Louis Vuitton, as well as Chanel) as well as so much more! CC 138 began collecting bags in her mid-30s, as well as while she does admit to having a hard time with her buying practices at one point, these days her purchases are thoroughly believed out.

An outstanding as well as significant collection doesn’t stop this collector from lusting for her next purchase, a Hermès Kelly, as well as she’s currently on ban-island while saving up for it. This collector is lucky sufficient to have a partner who is supportive of her passion, though admittedly not rather comprehending of the charm of high-end purse collecting. checked out the full CC as well as inspect out pictures from CC 138’s wardrobe below!

तपाईंको आफ्नै अपराध साझा गर्नुहोस्!


Age: 55
Gender Identity: Female
Location: Western Australia
Occupation: Accountant
Industry: tax as well as company Advisory
Salary: $130,000
Household Income: $300,000


के तपाईं पर्सफोरम सदस्य हुनुहुन्छ? Yes

How numerous bags do you own? 60-ish

What bags are in your collection?

Givenchy Pandora Medium

Givenchy Nightingale medium x 2

Longchamp Mademoiselle

LV Pochette Metis

LV fast Bandouliere 25

LV fast Bandouliere 25 Empreinte

LV fast 30 reverse XL Monogram

LV Nano Speedy

LV Multi Pochette Accessoire

LV palm Springs reverse Mini

LV Alma BB in Galet Epi Leather

LV Neverfull world Tour

LV Neo Noe

LV denim take on Bag

Saint Laurent video camera Bag

Saint Laurent little Loulou Puffer

Loewe little Puzzle Bag

Valentino candy Stud

Hermès Evelyn

Chanel Jumbo Caviar Black

Chanel medium traditional Caviar

Chanel small Reissue All Black

Chanel small Rectangular in Olive Lambskin

Chanel My ideal small in Black Caviar

Chanel Seasonal Flap Bag

Chanel Coco deal with medium Black

Chanel 19 in Beige

Chanel Reissue 225 in Beige

Chanel little Coco deal with in Iridescent Turquoise

Lady Dior medium in Rose

Dior medium Bobby

Balenciaga City Bag (multiple in different colors)

Mansur Gavriel Tote

Mansur Gavriel container Bag

Bally Snakeskin take on Bag

Longchamp leather Crossbody Bags as well as several versions of the Le Pliage

Victoria Beckham Black top deal with Bag

तपाईको संग्रहको मूल्य कति छ? I attempt not count however at least $50,000.

What is your many costly bag? Chanel My ideal small which I had to pay a premium for with a reseller.

What are the most essential brands or pieces in your collection? My Chanel pieces – I never believed in my wildest dreams that I would own one let alone a few!

What age did you get your very first designer bag, as well as what was it? 34 – LV Galleria (which I have now sold)

Is there a particular bag you are wanting to purchase next? Hermès Kelly 28.

Any specific bag that holds a special emotional value? The world trip Neverfull has emotional value as it was bought with monies delegated me by my mum, my Chanel 19 which was a surprise gift from my other half (who puts up with my bag obsession even though he can’t comprehend the appeal) as well as my Chanel seasonal flap bag which was my purchase from my very first trip to Paris.

Do you feel like your bags modification people’s perceptions of you or exactly how you’re treated? certainly – I believe that if you’re bring an costly bag you get served much better as well as treated much more seriously. I don’t typically bring my costly bags to work as my Neverfull carry is my go-to work bag. however I happily bring them to the shops or out with friends. Some good friends do pass judgment about my obsession for top quality bags however hello I always state ‘each to their own.’

Have your bag-carrying practices altered because Covid? होइन।


How commonly do you purchase new bags? When I see something I love. however I am putting myself on bag ban island to save for my Hermès Kelly.

Has the Coronavirus pandemic altered your buying practices or general mindset towards luxury?No

Which stores do you regular the most? Chanel at the moment although I like MyTheresa as well as Farfetch.

Do you ever purchase second-hand bags? Where do you purchase used? I have however only if they are in excellent condition from a trusted reseller. I typically authenticate them individually for my own peace of mind.

Do you offer old bags to pay for new purchases? indeed to consignment stores as well as resellers. sometimes on luxe FB groups however I am always wary as there are so numerous horror stories of sellers being duped.

Do you ever feel societal pressure to purchase much more bags? छैन

Do you think about your bag purchases investments? Definitely! My Chanel pieces are worth so much much more than what I paid for them.

Who inतपाइँको खरीद निर्णयहरू फ्लोर गर्दछ? YouTube प्रभावकारीहरू, रनवे कार्यक्रमहरू, इन्स्टाग्राम

तपाईंको किनमेलमा बिक्री पार्टनर जडानहरू छन्? हो, म पत्ता लगाउँछु कि यदि तपाईंसँग ठूलो जडान छ जहाँ तपाईंको स्टाइल बनाउँदछ र तपाईंलाई मनपर्दो के मनपर्यो भने तिनीहरू तपाईंलाई धेरै सम्भावना हुन्छ जब तिनीहरू तपाईंलाई धेरै सम्भावना हुन्छ जब उनीहरू तपाईंको लागि ब्याटि। जान्छन् जब ‘तातो’ उत्पादनहरू आउँदछन्।

किन तपाईं किनमेलमा रमाउनुहुन्छ, केवल केहि नयाँ प्राप्त गर्नुभएर? मलाई रिटेल थेरापी मन पर्छ! मलाई राम्रो चीज मन पर्छ जस्तो राम्रो गहनाहरू, डिजाइनर झोला, डिजाइनर जूता, डिजाइनर वस्त्रहरू (केवल उच्च गुणको सामान्य छ)। म यी दिनहरू धेरै राम्रो छु – 10 बर्ष पछि म पक्कै पनि मेरो बारेमा किनमेलको बारेमा सोच्दछु। यी दिनहरू म खरीद के हो भनेर सोच्दछु, उच्च गुणवत्ताका साथै दीर्घायु, साथै खरीदको परिचय हुनुभन्दा पहिले मेरो गृहकार्य गर्दछ।

के तपाईंले कहिल्यै महसुस गर्नुभएको छ कि तपाईंले स्टोर वा पसलमा नि: शुल्क सेवा, जातीयता वा लि gender ्गको कारण? केहि केसहरूमा – म पत्ता लगाउँछु कि यदि मैले सौन्दर्य प्रसाधनको रूपमा राम्रोसँग लगाएको छु भने म धेरै राम्रो सेवा पाउँछु। यी दिनहरू मसँग बिभिन्न डिजाइनर स्टोरमा ठूलो जडानहरू छन्, म सामान्यतया एक भ्रमण गर्नु अघि एक भ्रमण गर्नु अघि कि उनीहरूसँग खर्च गर्न समय छ।


तपाईंको झोला को लागी तिर्ने? म मेरो Hubby को साथ साथै।

के तपाइँ तपाइँको झोला खरीदको लागि बजेट योजना छोड्नुहुन्छ? होइन

ट्याबियो शीर्षकहरू

के तपाईंले कहिल्यै नक्कली किन्नुहोस् जबदेखि तपाईंले डिजाइनर आईटमको लागि भुक्तान गर्न सक्नुहुन्न? हो! EBay मा एक Balenchiagiga मोटरसाइकल झोला – दिमाग – दिमाग, मैले बुझिन यो एक जाली हो। म अब EBay मा झोला खरीद गर्दैन।

के तपाईं कहिल्यै आफ्नो खासबाट खरीदहरू लुकाउनुहुन्छ? होइन, मसँग झोला ठाउँ छ जहाँ झोलाहरू देखीमा छन् भन्ने कुरा के हो।

तपाईंले एक झोलाको लागि भुक्तानी गर्न गरेको क्र्याजिस्ट चीज के हो? कुनै पनि विश्वास गर्न सक्दैन।

के तपाई विश्वास गर्नुहुन्छ कि तपाईंको खरीद कहिल्यै समस्या छ? के तपाईंले कहिल्यै यस्तो महसुस गर्नुभएको छ कि तपाईंले खरीद गर्ने व्यसनको साथ कठिन समय भएको थियो? विगतको हो। यद्यपि अब उमेरसँगै, मसँग स्पष्टता छ र अधिक आत्म-संयंकार।

यसको बाँकी बाँकी

कुनै पनि अन्य महँगो शौकहरू वा आशानहरू? डिजाइनर जुत्ता

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